Standalone VirusBot features.
If you want a feature but not the bot, this is for you.


Microbes is VirusBot but used through a different bot. Specifically, any bot that allows you to fetch and return the contents of a URL. Every microbe exposes some functionality via URLs.

I suggest using either Nightbot if you like cloud-hosted bots or Ankhbot if you prefer running a program.

Not all features from VirusBot will be available as Microbes and some of them will be a basic version of the original.

Follow the Twitter account to know when features from VirusBot have been ported to Microbes.


- A Twitch chat bot.

- connect means that you must connect with Twitch first.

- text means that the bot must offer some sort of variable that represents the text to the right of the command (preferably all the text, not just the next word). In johnRivs: !highlight nice play the variable should translate to nice play.

- user means that the bot must offer some sort of variable that represents the username of the person that triggered the command. In johnRivs: !waifu the variable should translate to johnRivs.

- Text with colored background within any URL is meant to be replaced. The docs provide examples for Nightbot and Ankhbot, so if you use any of those bots you don't need to replace anything in green when copying the URL.


connect text

Returns a VOD URL of the stream, timestamped at the point where the command was triggered. For example: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/134028340?t=02h16m29s. As a microbe, the highlights command won't act as an in-chat poll and won't send notifications via Twitter DMs.

  1. Add the command to your bot with the following text.
    1. Nightbot: $(urlfetch https://microbes.virusbot.xyz/api/v1/commands/highlights/create?channel=YOUR_CHANNEL&tag=$(query))
    2. Ankhbot: $readapi(https://microbes.virusbot.xyz/api/v1/commands/highlights/create?channel=YOUR_CHANNEL&tag=$dummyormsg)
    3. Jixbot: $url: https://microbes.virusbot.xyz/api/v1/commands/highlights/create?channel=YOUR_CHANNEL&tag=$0$ $
  2. Use it like this: !highlight [tag] (no brackets needed).
  3. See all your highlights here: https://microbes.virusbot.xyz/profiles/YOUR_CHANNEL/highlights
  4. Optionally, go to your settings and set up some managers so they can remove highlights if needed.



Finds you a partner each time you trigger the command. The types are: waifu, idol, imouto, kancolle, touhou, vocaloid and husbando.

  1. Add the command to your bot with the following text.
    1. Nightbot: $(urlfetch https://microbes.virusbot.xyz/api/v1/commands/partners?user=$(user)&type=TYPE)
    2. Ankhbot: $readapi(https://microbes.virusbot.xyz/api/v1/commands/partners?user=$user&type=TYPE)
  2. You would create 1 command for each type you want your viewers to use. For example, if you only want waifus, create a command called !waifu and replace TYPE with waifu.
  3. Use it like this:
    johnRivs: !waifu Nightbot: johnRivs, your waifu is Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan). google.com/search?q=Mikasa+Ackerman+%28Attack+on+Titan%29&tbm=isch